Saturday, September 4, 2010

New blog topic: Weekly (weakly?) ride report.

So I am going attempt a weekly ride report. It will be my cycling diary of sorts, so I can look back and say "That jerk last September though he knew what he was talking about. What a jerk!"

So here is my week:
Got in a couple of 6 mile fast rides in the evenings. Had to catch my breath a couple of times, pushing pretty hard. There is one brutish hill that I need climb on my way home on my short ride route. This time last year I climbed it at 6mph, recently that has risen to 14mph. It is my benchmark hill really.

Went for a ride with Darthweasel Thursday. We took some old paths that I had not ridden in 20 years, climbed 1 short but nasty hill. I had to stop at the top for a couple of minutes. Maybe 7 miles or so.

Today, after some fun with a flat tire, Darthweasel and I meandered about town for a while. DW was fast today, I had to work to keep up quite a few times. I later figured about 30 miles. One road that I'll not ride on again as the shoulder is very narrow and I'm not the type to impede traffic. We found a trail along the Tualitin River that was amazing. Fast, twisty and narrow. Fun!  Steep at the end though.

That's it. What, like you wanted more?


  1. At first I saw "We took some old paths" out of the corner of my eye and thought it said "We took some old pants." I was wondering why you were gone so long today...

  2. Who cares about your ride? Or your old pants? What does that have to do with squirrels and the threat they pose to world stability? Get off that stupid bike and wrestle the squirrels for global dominance!

  3. We dart this way and then that. You swerve and fall. We laugh and make you our slave. Ha, we say. Ha ha ha ha!

    --The Squirrels

  4. First off, cannot thank you enough for the @#$%^&* tire rescue. I shall indeed post on that topic soon.

    Second, thanks for the ride time, great fun and mayhap we can sneak in a few mid-week rides when RK isn't looking.

    Third...FB, I am training my army of ninja hamster assassins who have been practicing their burgeoning skills on the local squirrel population, thus leading to fewer squirrels to be seen.

    Their best work was making it look like this one squirrel had gotten greedy and drowned.

    Nobody knows about do not read the preceding.