Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My plastic joy

I was tasked by Riot Kitty to share with the whole world 5 people I'd like to get jiggy with if I could, and apparently, my partner won't get mad and kill me with a shot gun. I'd need a time machine and some seduction enhancement medication.

My first grown up lust, Siouxsie. Hot goth.

Dana Delany: I saw Tombstone and many naughty and borderline illegal thoughts coalesced.

Isabella Rossellini: The first woman that David Lynch introduced me to. We had a short lived but torrid romance (in my head).

Jennifer Connelly: I dare you to watch Requiem for a Dream without loosing a bit of your heart.

Laura Harring: David Lynch again displays impeccable taste to my impressionable self.

Oh, there is a blogger that I have quite a crush on, although my thoughts are as pure as the driven snow. Really.

That is all.


  1. That blogger has a major crush on you, too ... I hear she wants to sleep with you!

  2. Very nice list! I wanted to like Siouxie, but anyone who walks around wearing swastikas is automatically stricken from my Lust List. Jennifer Connolly is smoking hot. Perhaps weirdly, I liked her in "House Of Sand And Fog", maybe because she treated her post the same way I do. Laura Harring is one of the most gorgeous women alive, though I have to say I had trouble buying her as a lesbian in "Mulholland Drive" until I realized that, um, she wasn't, except in that other woman's mind. She's totally gay in my mind, too. Very gay. Extremely gay. Movie love scenes very rarely stir me, but the ones in that movie sure did. Wow.

  3. Ha! I almost thought the blogger would be Mac! lol

    You silly girls! ;)

  4. Wait a min...sorry, Bob...I thought this was FB's blog for a min there. lol

    OMG!! I'm so sorry...about that Mac comment! Really. lol