Monday, June 21, 2010

It's not easy being Three

It's not easy being Three for me. I mean, it would be hard for anyone but as I sort of identify with it, I take it kind of personally.

My interest in numbers started early in life. When the Count would say "Three! Ah Ah Ah!" I would cheer and promptly turn off the TV. I did not want to hear anymore. It was a jealousy thing, I think. School taught me to count past three, but I was always stuck. One, Three, Six, Nine, Ouch! (a ruler on the knuckles)

As I progressed I learned about prime numbers. A new horizon opened as I could now identify with a single integer and a larger group of numbers that contained my personal symbol. In high school I experimented (as many have done) with identifying with Seven, Twenty-Nine, and even One Hundred and Thirteen. I felt really dirty after the last one.

After I was done with school I embraced the whole world. (in a completely wholesome way, wink wink...). At my lowest depth the only communication people could get from me was "twentyfoureleven - twentyfoureleven." It was then that I met a beautiful woman and soon to be wife.

She approached me and the first thing I noticed was her badge number: 3041. I was gently led to her patrol car (#839) and tenderly placed in the back seat. "Is it too hot or too cold?" she asked. I replied with an offer to buy coffee.

When I was released five weeks later we went for coffee. A wonderful few hours of caffeinated bliss before she had to go to work. I knew she was my soulmate when I saw her phone number: 691-449-7919.

Marriage has been exponential. It is much better than sitting in front of an Amiga punching out a new program to find the largest Mersenne Primes. I love her, especially when she talks in base-8. HOT!

I have no more time for you. It is 9:19, I must go cleanse myself.


  1. I stick out my tongue at you, Senor Tres!

  2. 87. So tantalyzingly close to 90. Just THREE short.

    87. 87. 87.

    I'm cruel, I know.