Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weakly ride report

For some reason Darthweasel has been rather cagey about letting his image be published to the intertubes. I snapped this picture of him as we were preparing our bikes for a small easy ride this morning, I hope I do not have a jihad declared on me for posting it.

Here is the ride report:
"Let's go this way!"   "OK"
This discourse may have been unwise.

DarthWeasel proved to be an able coach. After many grueling uphill miles (with DW shouting "Come on! You ride like old people fu....ride!" we hit the velodrome. Education was provided on the finer points of a team pass. My brain got bigger.

As a reward we had donuts and more steep hills. Each hill was steeper than the last until finally we were actually breaking the laws of physics. This continued until my spirit was completely broken. DW laughed and laughed when I complained, then shouted "Silence! I KEEL you"

When at last we were out of hills to throw ourselves against, it was time to go downhill. And downhill we went, 30 to 40mph powered only by gravity. Many miles we went downhill. And then we were back at maison de Darthweasel

Sadly, I heard a news report that a group of annoyed terrain features altered DW in an unpleasant way.


  1. Oddly enough, I have never heard Darth use the words "old people."

  2. I swear it! Almost everything in this blog is very nearly related to actual events that might (or might not) have happened.

  3. RK, everything he said was true except the parts that were not.

    And why call ancient fossils old?