Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No pigs, squirrels, or lunar vampires. Only a list.

I was talking with Riot Kitty when I realized that not everyone knew what the best recorded guitar solos are. I listed off the top 5 (mainstream-ish) guitar solo songs to her, for educational purposes. I will do the same for you. If you disagree, you are wrong.

In no order: Links go to youtube videos.
Comfortably Numb
All along the Watchtower
Bohemian Rhapsody
Cemetery Gates
Sultans of Swing

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


  1. Thanks for getting that G.I. Joe motto back in my head, you bastard!

    I agree with a couple of these, but I'm not a guitarist (or Willoughby), so I suppose my opinion doesn't count as much. HAHA just kidding, my opinion counts double!

  2. Let's see....

    1) David Gilmour is just too acid-trippy for my tastes.

    2) I assume we're talking about Jimi Hendrix and not Bob Dylan?

    3) Mmmmmm...'K

    4) ?

    5) Perhaps.

    And thus ends our lesson today on why geezer rock is still pulsating among the older generation.

  3. ah...but can you name the greatest zithar/digeredoo duets of all time?

  4. I am glad to see you posted your picks in order of the potential of mind expansion. I am also glad to notice you did not include Stairway to Heaven. Don't know if there was a solo, just glad to see you did not include it.