Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weakly ride report 10-2-10

It has been a pretty good week for riding. Once I got rid of that nasty infection that I picked up from a friendly squirrel I was able to get back on the bike. Here it is:

Tuesday: 25 medium-savage miles with DarthWeasel. He was in training for his personal assault on all the shrimps in the sea, I think in vengeance. (A shrimp once ate DW, then turned him into a newt.)  He managed to double the speed limit on a public road and escape with his life. I kept myself busy yelling obscenities at the trees and shrubs that kept eyeballing me.

Wednesday: About 8 fast miles around town. I was barely keeping ahead of pissed off foliage.

Thursday: 10ish miles, nothing exciting. I bet you are regretting reading this.

Saturday: 50.3 miles with DW. Perfect cool sunny weather, flat and long multi-use path. I thought we were going to get lost a couple of times, we didn't. We kept an relaxed pace for 4 hours, saw wild blacksmiths, a brave bunny, an IQ vampire, and a wasp flew into my helmet and got stuck. If my saddle were more comfortable I would have been good for a couple more hours. Our route took us in a loop around Portland twice then out on the Springwater Corridor. Google it, it is pretty cool.


  1. I must find a way to use "IQ Vampire" in a sentence in the near future. Before I get turned into a newt, I mean.

    LOL! My word verification is "cycring."

  2. You're just lucky your bicycle wheels didn't choose that very moment to divide and turn your conveyance into a quadricycle. How the shrubbery would have laughed at you then!

  3. the foliage did appear dangerous, but I am pretty sure the shrubbery was leering...

  4. Do be careful with your helmet. It's important.

    Have a nice day, Boonie